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Contemporary and Modern Painters

Page history last edited by Elise DeCamp 7 years, 11 months ago

Please add your own favorite contempory artists to this page. When adding thumbnail images to this page, please make the longest dimension 150 pixels. Keep the file size small (50kb or less) --Admin


Vincent Desiderio


Study In White IV

Scott Fraser

(at Gallery 1261)

Daniel Sprick

Still Life 

Janet Monafo
Stephen Brown - Spanish Onion Stephen Brown Rita Natarova
  Diarmuid Kelley

Alan Feltus 

(at Forum Gallery)

  Gaela Erwin

Lorraine Shemesh

James Jean 

Daniel Ludwig

                  Benjamin Shamback   Lani Irwin
                      Alex Kanevsky  

-David Kassan



                   Costa Vavagiakis                                     David Shevlino 
            Sangram Majumdar                                          Christopher Gallego 
            David Gray                              Dan Thompson 
                          Tony Curanaj                             Steven Assael 
                       Philip Geiger                                                Ben Aronson 

Israel Hershberg

(at Marlborough Gallery

                         David Campbell 
                    Anne Leone                                   

Paul Fenniak

(at Forum Gallery


Susan Hauptman

(at Forum Gallery


Robert Bauer

(at Forum Gallery


Emil Robinson 

(at Waterhouse & Dodd)

(at Hieke Pickett)

                                     Jonathan Yeo 




Comments (1)

Sheldon Tapley said

at 8:15 pm on Feb 24, 2009

I don't much like the paintings of Michael Mentler, but his sketchbook is worth looking at. Should we boot him from this page and just include a link to his sketchbook on a page that focusses on sketchbooks? And James Jean--his illustration doesn't do much for me--what about you? But his sketchbook drawings are really wonderful. --ST

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