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Painting and Drawing Classes - Resources

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ARS 210 Painting and Drawing-I


Materials List & Buying Materials at Dick Blick Online


Painting The Head: Master Paintings for Copying-Set 1

Six Tips on How to Draw Anything Accurately

Contemporary Simple Still Life - Paintings and Drawings


Images Relevant To Particular Assignments:

The Cup      Light on light     


ARS 220-320-321-420 Painting and Drawing-II-III-IV-V

ARS 220 Syllabus

ARS 320 Syllabus

ARS 321 Syllabus

ARS 420 Syllabus

Materials list for the four classes above



ARS 499 Senior Exhibition: Schedule


Photographing Your Art

[PDF doc with step-by-step instructions using college equipment]

Note: Some of the more experienced painting students know how to use the camera and equipment.  If you are interested in photographing your art but don't want to go solo the first time, ask around--someone will be able to help you.  




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