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JT Shelton

Page history last edited by JT Shelton 10 years, 4 months ago

Artist Statement

My ultimate goal in creating artwork is to make the transition from my imagination to three dimensional sculptures. When I set out to create a piece, I begin with drawings that are completed in a stream of conscious fashion.  I juxtapose elements which would not typically fit together in a traditional setting, but find a way in which they not only work together but complement each other.   I most often focus on the fusion of the structural and organic, and attempt to give life to inanimate objects.  Many of these drawings are inspired by animation, surrealism, graffiti, and even video games.  To me, each of these mediums serves as a means to reject reality and harness fantasy.

While creating the actual sculptures, I use a combination of building methods which I believe reflects my eclectic ideas themselves.  I utilize hand sculpting, casting, throwing, and slab building all into one smorgasbord of ceramic creation.   I also try to reject traditional pottery glazing techniques for a more vibrant color palette in an attempt to add to the animated quality of my work; therefore, my pieces are predominantly painted with spray and acrylic paints.    

My creations are intended to be fun and whimsical, as they could be plucked from an animated film or comic book. These pieces also have an energy about them so they appear that they could come to life life at any second.  Finally, I create my work with the intention that it is at times perplexing.  Like a Rorschach ink blot test, it is ultimately in the hands of the viewer to draw conclusions on my work. 

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